How It Works

Where We Meet: For trips in the Lakes Region we will either meet at a public launch, pick you up at your lodging facility or  pull right into your dock if you are staying on a lake. For the North Conway Local Half N Half and Lake Umbagog Day Trips I can pick you up at your hotel if you are staying in the area. If not, we will meet at a mutually agreeable location.

What To Bring:  DON’T FORGET YOUR NH FISHING LICENSE Sunglasses, rain gear, sun tan lotion, a hat and your lunch are recommended. I will supply water and Gatorade. For gear, bring anything you want to use or throw. I will supply any or all tackle, lures, rods and reels that you need. I do have a better selection of left-handed bait casters, though. So please give me a heads up if you are right-handed!

Who To Bring: That may sound funny, but it isn’t really meant to be…Make sure that if you are bringing somebody along to share your day that they have the same idea about what the day is going to be like as you do. If you bring a younger child along (or a casual fisherman), please consider if they can fish all day and enjoy it. Staying out in the hot sun (or standing in the rain) all day isn’t everyones idea of fun! Book the trip you know will be good for both of you. I’d rather have you wanting more at the end of the day…

Booking A Trip: To reserve a trip a deposit of $100 is required. See cancellation policy on bottom of rates page.